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" I am proud to say that now we have two schools and  have been continuing to provide a safe learning environment, teach a love of learning, and nurture many children. Our school is extremely diverse and welcome families from all over the world. It is our privilege to learn and interact with children from different cultures. We take pride in our diversity and use it as a tool to teach children about the world and give them an insight on what makes Earth what it is, a very fascinating place."

MONICA RAMOS (founder and owner)


To continue provide a safe learning environment, to teach the joy and importance of learning, and nurture all children.


Little Miracles is unique because although we teach using Montessori materials, we have implemented our own philosophy into our program. We believe that children do have a need for order, routine, and structure. However, they also need to be children and be social. We encourage them to make good choices; and we let them know rules and limits, but we don't lose sight of what healthy well rounded children need: to be a child first. They need to be loved, cared for, and be themselves. And they need to play! We will never be that rigid school where children get stressed out and feel like learning is not fun. I like to stress this point to parents, because our program may not be a custom fit for some children, but this is what sets us apart from the rest.

Mission and Vision

Little Miracles Montessori