From potty trained age to the age when your child 

is ready for preK or Kindergarten.


  • Motor Skill Development: In Little Miracles, we try to ensure that your toddler is exposed to as much time as possible to outdoor activities like catching, running, and playground playing. We also teach him or her activities that will improve his or her motor skills like dancing and stretching, which is directed by a children stretching specialist.​
  • Cognitive Development: Puzzles, games, recognizing shapes, numbers, and colors.
  • Language Development: We start form recognition of letters with your child to get him or her ready for the next educational stage (Kindergarten) by teaching him or her how to read through story telling.
  • Artistic and Imaginative Development: Arts and crafts, construction projects, and story telling.


From walking stage to the age in which your baby is potty trained.


  • Montessori Introduction: Montessori lessons and oral skills are introduced.
  • Music and Movement: We encourage your child to dance, sing, and nap with music. We also encourage him or her to push toys and to take them outside to play in the playground.
  • Motor Skill Development: We encourage your child to walk, run and adapt; some stretching exercises are performed by an expert. Also, we teach your child how to hold crayons, how to paint, how to hold spoons, and how to be more independent. 
  • Language Development: Reading time, including our Share-A-Book activity and speech development.
  • Basic Concepts: Make your child be closer to the environment and nature by showing him shapes and colors.
  • Artistic Development: We ask your child to start doing art projects.



From crawling stage to the age in which your baby is able to walk.


  • Basic Concepts: Your baby is exposed to shapes and colors to help him or her create a sense concept.
  • Language development: Your baby has his or her own reading time. We include a speech development activity by showing them shapes and objects through demonstration and repetition.
  • Music and Movement development: Your baby is encouraged to push toys. If the weather allows, we take the babies outside to play.
  • Motor Skill development: Catching objects, beginning to walk, 

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    ​Groups and Programs

    • Infant 1
    • Infant 2
    At Little Miracles Montessori, we don’t place your child into a program or group based on a specific age; instead, we place him or her according to his or her individual development. At Little Miracles, each baby is “unique” and will meet his or her milestones at his or her own pace. For us, medical development milestones are just a guide to simply show what your baby has the potential to accomplish; sooner or later your child will accomplish all of them.

    Little Miracles Montessori

    • Toddler 1
    • Primary


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    INFANT 1

    From 8 weeks of age to the age in which your baby is able to crawl.


    • Cognitive Development: Shake rattles and bells. We show your baby shapes.
    • Language Development: We play songs, talk to your baby, and read your baby books and activities appropriate for his or her development level.
    • Sensory Development: We expose your baby to various textures and feeling materials.
    • Motor Skill Development: We let your baby grasp toys,  push,  pull them around the room. Tummy time is very important at this age to increase their neck and core strength.